Book Information

Ormus Modern Day Alchemy
Primer of Ormus Collection Processes
Reference Edition

312 page soft cover

Oversized 7in x 10in

Author: Chris Emmons RPh

Published: 2009 By Createspace and Dreamgate Press

ISBN: 978-0-9815840-1-0


The presence of the Ormus material appears to benefit plant, animal and human life and it enables life to reach a fuller measure of its biological potential.

Ormus is a group of essential minerals previously unknown to modern science that are common in plants, animals, air, soil and water. Reported benefits of the Ormus material include more energy and clarity of thought.

The Ormus material is collectable from common materials and Ormus Modern Day Alchemy the first published book that contains clear detailed explanations of time-honored Ormus collection processes. These processes are fairly easy and straightforward. Included in the book are chapters on the history of Ormus, information about the Ormus material and descriptions of miscellaneous Ormus collection processes.

A Pharmacist has written this book and guides the Ormus collector. Clear explanations of the steps performed during collection are detailed.