What is Ormus?

A group of essential minerals previously unknown to modern science.

Why were they unknown?

Because they did not show up in common scientific tests.

What kind of minerals?

Minerals like gold, silver and platinum — but they are in a different form; and in this other form, they are not toxic. We are discovering they are very common in plants, animals, air, soil and water.

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How is it beneficial?

It appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit.

Plants / Agriculture

Seeds and plants given the Ormus material have shown more vigor, tolerance to transplanting and drought conditions as well as increased resistance to disease and insects. They demonstrate a shortened growing cycle and increased crop yield. They have also produced larger fruit with a longer shelf life, and some have said contain an increase in mineral and vitamin content. Similar benefits have occurred with plants grown for flowers.


Testing has shown that animals benefit from whole sea solids (Sea-Crop,®). More stamina may be observed and this may lead to decreased mortality, decreased infection and increased weight. Since "Reconstituted" sea (or "drawn" seawater) is a source material in the Ormus collection processes, these benefits are presumed to apply to animals that have been given Ormus.


The following observations have been reported after Ormus supplementation in humans: rejuvenation, mental clarity, a sense of calmness, increased intuitive powers, insightfulness and a feeling of being connected to a higher state of awareness.

Life appears enabled to reach a fuller measure of its biological potential!

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.)

A belief held by many is that the Ormus material raises the consciousness through the feeding of the "light" body so it may grow and become what it is meant to be. In this way, enlightenment has occurred. The nature of man changes and things that have "value" now are no longer important. It may be that this action, attributed to Ormus, could change the world more than anything in the last 2,000 years!

For these reasons, it has been said that Ormus seems to affect a person spiritually, mentally and physically.

The ORMUS elements are the precious metal elements in a natural non-metallic form. In this form they are much more common than they are in their metallic form.

The ORMUS materials can be extracted from the air, water, rock, soil and food. These materials are believed to have been used throughout the centuries for the advancement of physical and spiritual well-being by the ancient Egyptian, Persian, Hindu and Chinese alchemists, King Solomon, the Essenes and the alchemists of the Middle Ages.

The ORMUS materials may be the substances which have been called manna, shewbread, chi, prana, the Philosopher's Stone, shemanna and the Fountain of Youth. Some people who have been ingesting the ORMUS materials report amazing improvements in physical and psychic conditions. There is strong evidence that the ORMUS elements are nutritional minerals which are essential to all life. Many modern agricultural and food processing techniques appear to reduce the ORMUS elements in our food.

There are many amazing stories about the ORMUS materials and the people who have been researching them. These include stories about ectoplasm like phenomena, levitation, kundalini awakening, past lives and communication with the ORMUS materials themselves.

Our mission is to share ways in which these substances, which are freely available in nature, can be extracted and used to improve the human condition.

Plants don’t lie! This tree after fed with Ormus (manna).

Walnut trees grown using Ormus (termed C-11) collected from Pacific Ocean water as a supplement. Five walnut trees of approximate age and size were purchased from the same nursery at the same time. Once transplanted, one of these five seedlings received a one-time supplement of two cups C-11 diluted in five gallons fresh water. In addition, several applications of wash water from the third rinsing that is performed while collecting C-11 has been given to the tree.

The tree which received C-11 is toward the right in the picture below and one of the trees which got no C-11 is on the left

The smaller tree is about five feet tall and the larger tree is about ten feet tall. These trees all grew in a dry interior climate at around 1000 feet elevation near the 49th parallel.

This one tree has consistently yielded the same volume of nuts in their shells as the combined yield of three fifteen-year old trees and four other three-year old trees. These pictures were taken on October 5, 2000

Four walnuts from these trees: Nuts inside the shells are proportionally larger than their ordinary counterparts. Their taste is comparable.

The walnuts on the left are from the trees that did not receive C-11. The walnuts on the right are from the largest tree that received the most C-11 and they are approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Un-hulled walnuts still on the tree (seven feet up in the tree) with a man's hand in the image for size comparison. The size of the walnuts is approximately that of a mid-range apple.

Ormus is a material that has been discovered (or maybe a better word is say re-discovered) by David Hudson in the 1970”s. The content of many of David Hudson’s lectures, where he outlines his findings, can be found on the Internet. (One site is subtleenergies.com.)

The Ormus material is very common in plants, animals, air, soil, rocks and water.

Ormus has some characteristics that are fascinating such as “superconductivity”, “superfluidity”, “Josephson tunneling” and “magnetic levitation.” It also appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. (David Hudson transcripts).

It is exciting to think that if only a small percentage, maybe 10%, of what has been postulated or observed about Ormus proves out, this material may well be one of the greatest discoveries in human history!

Courtesy Barry Carter: to read more visit subtleenergies.com