EXCITING, SPIRITUAL, SCIENTIFIC- ALL IN ONE BOOK. "Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy" is about the history, science, and collection of Ormus, which are exotic elements that have been recently re-discovered by David Hudson, a Cotton Farmer from Arizona. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has studied these materials, this book is a MUST HAVE.

An easy to read manual on ormus collection processes, "Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy" is written with passion that can be felt through the words of the author. This book is packed full of information on various Ormus collection methods and the Chemistry behind it all. Imagine being able to collect what is referred to as "exotic matter" in such a state that it is also a superconductor. You don’t have to imagine this at all, the book shows you how.

This book is definitely a one-of-a-kind and belongs in anyone's library who is interested in Alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone, physical and spiritual well-being.

Charles Dragoo


What a great resource for all things ORMUS. This is the first book to actually describe simple processes to make your own ORMUS, and the BEST is always the ORMUS you make for yourself! From simple kitchen chemicals up to advanced techniques, this book covers the range and invites you along the path of Alchemy and personal transmutation and transfiguration. Well written and concise, balanced and clear language and a long list of sources and suggestions make this a great place to start an adventure that keeps on and on. Fasten your seat belt! Thanks, Chris, for writing this!

Thomas Geckler


How many of you know how to make your OWN free Ormus?
How many know how to make MORE than one TYPE of Ormus?
How many of you know how Easy and Uplifting Ormus making actually IS??

One of the greatest things that came out of the "All things Ormus 2009" conference at the Enota retreat in Georgia, without ANY fanfare, was the AMAZING Ormus Book! Titled "ORMUS: Modern Day Alchemy" it IMMEDIATELY strikes an impression as a MAJOR ORMUS RESOURCE!

I was very impressed by it and even MORE impressed to meet the author, a VERY SWEET and humble Chris Emmons.

It was love at first hug! She even gifted me with some lovely "Wet Process" Ormus that she made herself from local ocean water.

I came to see that this gesture characterised her core nature: Giving!

Chris also holds Ormus gatherings and home tutorials in the Florida Keys.

She invites people to come and learn regularly at her home.

Chris is a pharmacist by profession .. That is what pays the cost of living!

However Chris' REAL PASSION is ORMUS!

So she WROTE ( and wrote and wrote) about it in "Modern Day Alchemy': ORMUS!

As the Dennis William Hauck says in the book's prologue:

"Now, for the first time, PRACTICAL knowledge on how to collect and concentrate Ormus materials has been bought together in a single volume that organizes and preserves these valuable teachings of Modern Alchemy."

So, when I 'clapped my eyes on' this book at Enota, signed by Chris for me, I was amazed at how comprehensive and detailed it was about everything Ormus.

She had the most senior Florida alchemist, Don Nance contributing widely to the book along with Barry Carter. It shows!

Chris walks us through how EASY most of the Ormus making techniques really ARE!

Ormus is to be found EVERYWHERE! READ and Chris opens this world of Ormus to you.

Denis of Oz
Dennis Cooney-Australia


Top Wellness Book Selected Today For Top 10 USA - By

Dated: Sep 18, 2009

Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy has been selected as one of the Top 10 natural Health and Wellness books in the U.S.A. Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy, the first published book containing concise explanations of time-honored Ormus collection processes, is now available on Amazon and recognized as a top 10 natural health and wellness book by Top 10 USA.


For readers who wonder about whether there is such a thing as modern day Alchemy, this book is a delight to read. For one thing, the book has captured the essence of these most valuable textbooks on alchemy throughout the ages. Here one should note that old textbooks on alchemy do not sound anything like modern chemistry treatise. Old textbooks bring in the phases of the moon in describing a successful alchemical procedure. That seems to imply that somehow, the consciousness of the alchemist is a relevant component of the alchemy. Modern chemistry makes every effort to eliminate such subjective factors. In that sense, the book makes no pretense that alchemy is "better" than modern day chemistry, only that it is "different", yes?

Having allowed for such an intrinsic difference between chemistry and alchemy, the book leaves open the path of growth and change for whatever new knowledge may show up in the future that would in a new and unforeseen way, unify alchemy, biology and chemistry. The author is surely visionary, here. Up until recently, alchemy, with its insistence that the consciousness of the alchemist plays an essential part in the process, had stood as a pariah of modern science with its claims of objectivity. But now, the book joins such luminaries as William A Tiller's book: “Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics”, where ample demonstrations are given where the experimenter has a robust influence on the outcome of the experiment.

Perhaps aware of the illustrious company that this book keeps, it pays enormous attention to the details and the book is practically an encyclopedia of ORMUS alchemical knowledge. The author is to be congratulated for this fine work.

With friendship and enthusiasm
Dr. Ron Cusson, (407) 804-0545,,


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