Barry Carter BARRY CARTER was born in 1949 and has been interested in science since he was a child. In 1995, he discovered the work of David Hudson on white gold and monatomic elements and began experimenting and researching Hudson's ideas full time. He has since proven and developed Hudson's original theories into a much more comprehensive and demonstrable science. He is also encouraging and coordinating research into the nature of the ORMUS materials, and has given scores of lectures on the subject around the world. Barry considers himself the "official greeter for ORMUS." Barry's goal is to get high quality ORMUS information out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. His current projects include: making more presentations on ORMUS; setting up a non-profit funding structure for research; continue to help people get better acquainted with ORMUS individually; finish his new book on ORMUS; and he wants to find a research coordinator who has the time and resources to coordinate ORMUS research.

Don Nance was born in Virginia on August 11, 1955. He was a professional musician for 35 years and is an accomplished lead guitarist and vocalist who also plays keyboard instruments and percussion. He holds a degree in electronics engineering with a minor in acoustical engineering. After being diagnosed with advanced colon cancer that apparently disappeared after three months of taking M-state/Ormus materials, he learned to master the processes needed to make, extract and purify them from 1999 to 2001. He is a tireless researcher who is attempting to bridge the gaps between the M-state/Ormus elements and our currently accepted paradigms of Chemistry, Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics. He gives lectures and teaches workshops on the state-of-our-art processes used to make, concentrate and purify the M-state/Ormus elements by the Wet Way and the Dry Way and the steps needed to make the white powder of gold from pure gold metal. He has accomplished the transmutation of the M-state/Ormus elements into silver, gold and several platinum group metals. He has contributed many scientific papers to internet forums and science workgroups. Don is available for lectures or hands-on workshops.

Dennis William Hauck is an author, consultant, and lecturer working to facilitate personal and institutional transformation through the application of the ancient principles of alchemy. He writes and lectures on the universal principles of physical, psychological, and spiritual perfection to a wide variety of audiences that range from scientists and business leaders to religious and New Age groups. Hauck's interest in alchemy began while he was still in graduate school at the University of Vienna, and he has since translated a number of important alchemy manuscripts dating back to the fourteenth century. Among his bestselling books are The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation (Penguin 1999), Sorcererís Stone: A Beginnerís Guide to Alchemy (Citadel 2004), and The Complete Idiotís Guide to Alchemy (Penguin Alpha 2008). Hauck is an officer in the Alchemy Guild and chief coordinator for the annual International Alchemy Conference.

Other contributing Ormus researchers requested anonymity, their contributions and efforts are greatly appreciated.